Personal Performance Coaching (LIfe Coaching)

Phoenix Transformational Services provides you the chance to quite literally redesign and create a meaningful life based on your values.


Unlike counselling and therapy which focuses on healing past unresolved issues and trauma, coaching helps you focus on the present and future, using powerful strategies to both understand and achieve your goals in different areas of your life, aligning your core values to what’s important to you, enabling you to take back control of your life and breakthrough your limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from living the life you desire.


At Phoenix Transformational Services, this journey begins with an intake and self-discovery session before moving onto focused growth based coaching. Misconceptions about professional life coaching are that a coach will give their client advice. At Phoenix Transformational Services we recognise that we are experts in coaching, not your life!

  • A positive process, tailor-made to suit the agenda of each individual client.
  • A totally holistic process addressing the needs of the whole person.
  • Founded on a unique, productive, interactive relationship between coach and client based on the 100% commitment of both parties.
  • A vehicle for raising awareness and encouraging responsibility.
  • A means of motivating and facilitating people to achieve their true potential through setting and achieving self-defined goals.
  • A powerful process designed to match each client’s goals to their values.
  • Based on the premise that all clients are creative and resourceful with the ability to elicit their own solutions
  • A partnership which challenges clients to recognise and build on their strengths, explore their current reality and find positive ways to make changes and move forwards.
  • A means of providing a fresh perspective on each client’s situation and exploring a range of options.
  • Designed to keep clients on track, celebrate their successes and achieve their desired outcomes.