IPS Vocational Rehabilitation Training and Operational Ethics

As one of the first practitioners of the Individual Placement and Support (IPS) model in the UK, Paul Dorrington – founder of Phoenix Transformational Services (PTS), uses his operational experience, knowledge and practice gained since 2002 to help you to integrate the IPS model into your service and teams.  Paul has personally and successfully implemented the IPS model into 4 NHS Secondary Care psychiatric teams and became the service lead for an NHS London based service.  Covering Adult Psychiatric Teams, Third Sector providers and Early Intervention in Psychosis teams, Paul’s vision is to spread his knowledge and experiences to other services in the UK and internationally.

Unlike traditional IPS training, Paul uses his vast experience of consultancy, individual and team coaching as well as his experience of recruiting and supporting IPS practitioners to help your organisation both build and integrate successful IPS services.


After initial training and support to your teams, Paul continues to use his operational knowledge and experience to coach, mentor and consult both operational level practitioners and team leaders.

As with PTS’s philosophy that one size does not fit all, we tailor our work to your organisation.  There are very different challenges setting up a successful IPS service in Private Healthcare Companies, Job Centers, Public Service Mental Healthcare teams, Addiction services and Third Sector organisations.

With this come challenges of applying the core principles of IPS.  PTS will help you adapt the core principles to your organisational structures.  We believe it’s difficult to apply a model to an organisation; we aim to fit the organisation into the model.  We do not believe in, ‘trying to fit square pegs into round holes’.

As in all areas of business and life there are costs and benefits to any approach.  Private Healthcare Providers will value learning how to integrate their approach into clinical care and third sector organisations rely heavily on outcome based systems which calls for significant emphasis on the quality of not only training ground level staff,  but their on-going support and development.

IPS training and model fidelity alone does not always equip individuals and organisations with the operational challenges of successfully implementing a functional and successful service.   The ability to be flexible and adapt to ongoing challenges is essential to the growth and evolution of a successful service.