What Others Say About PTS

    • Dr Rachel E. Perkins

      BA,MPhil (Clinical Psychology), PhD, OBE

      Paul Dorrington (Phoenix Transformational Services) was one of the first members of my team who, in early 2000, implemented and pioneered the IPS model of evidence based vocational rehabilitation into NHS acute adult psychiatric services in London. He was not just professional, he helped create the profession that is now universally recognised as the most effective model of its kind. Paul worked with people with severe and enduring mental health conditions and other complex needs including people with dual diagnosis of addictions, proving time and time again that helping people to get a job, build a career or set up a business helps people rebuild lives of meaning beyond adversity. I am very excited to see Paul expanding his knowledge, skills and services in his own business to serve people and businesses around the world. Added to his experience of overcoming the extreme adversity of his own mental health issues and addictions from a young age, Paul quite literally walks his talk and brings a passion to his work that cannot be quantified in words, but is repeatedly demonstrated with his results for his clients and the businesses with whom he works.