• Judy Garcia

    ( Senior Clinician)

    Paul has been a wonderful, empathetic and gentle coach. He has encouraged me to realise what goals and values really are, which have turned out to be very different as to what I had in mind when I first started. He has helped me to change my mind-set as to how I deal life's challenges and it's gifts.

  • Deborah Stevenson

    (Senior University Programme Leader)

    Paul has been a very supportive coach; in our sessions we have covered a range of goals from highly practical to more emotional and he has maintained a good level of rapport and ‘kept me on track’ in all the sessions we’ve had. It is evident from his ability to manage the session timing that he is experienced in working 1:1 in a solutions-focussed manner, and I am grateful for having had the benefit of being coached by Paul over the past four months. I left each session with a clear set of intentions that had been arrived at through a coaching process that made me feel empowered and focussed. Thank you!

  • Annah Chowdhury

    Paul was an invaluable resource for me. My original goal was to get myself back into the job market after a long career break. The thought of job hunting was daunting to me and I did not know how to start and where to start. I was confused and overwhelmed. I needed help and guidance- guidance being the operative word. Paul helped me to understand and taught me the tools required to identify and manage sabotaging thoughts. He gave me the space to explore and to process my thoughts and feelings. Paul helped me to organise my thoughts and to realise I do not need to compromise my values. He has helped me realise that I can word my thoughts differently, so that it has a positive impact on me and help me move a step closer towards my goal. In our sessions I was regularly challenged to think more creatively, deeply to clearly recognise my vision for myself. Paul did not give me the answers and nor did he influence me in any way in regards to what I needed to do. Rather he guided me to think for myself and to find the answers which I already knew but was not aware of. He was like tools used to fix a motor. Funny analogy I know, but please bear with me and let me explain! Whilst he did not create the parts to the motor (my thoughts, ideas and wants), he managed to help me connect all the parts together and enable the motor to start again and continue running on its own without any assistance. Without Paul's guidance, I would not be in the position today where I am able to go away and use what I have learnt to achieve other goals. He has given me the motivation and confidence I was desperately in need of. Thank you Paul for helping me to realise that I underestimated myself and I am capable of achieving my goals after all. I cannot stress how grateful and thankful I am.

  • Tom Walters

    ( Personal Development and Network Marketing Expert - International Skype Coaching client)

    Working with Paul and his coaching has helped me improve my quality of life across the board. As someone who is dedicated to success across many areas before my coaching sessions with Paul I was in overwhelm in my life and struggled to maintain a healthy balance particularly with my relationships and sleep. I put a lot of pressure on myself to succeed which was affecting other areas of my life. Paul empowered me to reach a greater awareness on areas I needed to work on which was the first step to change, he used fantastic questioning to allow me to take ownership of what I needed to focus on as well as setting goals around creating a healthier lifestyle. Pauls coaching allowed me to grow in many areas, particularly in my business, health and relationships. I feel more balanced holistically since working with him. He is professional, passionate and fantastic at empowering people to a better quality of life. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to take their life to the next level.

  • Confidential

    (Clinical Psychologist)

    Paul's coaching approach helped me gain an insight to how to achieve both specific goals and an understanding of my values, and how this may impact my goals over a long and short term period. When Paul and I set up specific goals, Paul enabled me to understand how to overcome potential challenges and pitfalls in a realistic manner. Paul ensured that my goals were specific in detail and also ensured that they were congruent with my overall value system. By assisting me in looking at my goals in detail, via a step by step process, Paul highlighted how important it is understand the minutiae of the processes whilst simultaneously maintaining a flexible attitude and expectation of change and surprise, which has helped me alleviate the anxieties, which often accompanies challenges in the workplace. Although we did not talk about SMART goals specifically, I was able to understand how he used a similar framework to achieve these goals. Paul was able to shape my understanding of goal setting and achievement in all domains in my life and I am wholly grateful for this. Paul was efficient, professional, open minded, motivating and curious in his approach to coaching. I felt comfortable in his presence, and felt that he was able to understand my needs, abilities and aspirations to a high level, which aided the coaching process. I felt that Paul left me with skills and confidence to set and achieve my own personal goals in the future. I have learned valuable skills that I will carry with me throughout my career. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Paul for his time and approach to aiding me in the achievement of my goals.

  • Charmaine Shaw

    Fitness Training / Gym Senior Manager

    I started coaching sessions with Paul because I wanted more from life; I felt stuck in a rut and knew I wasn’t reaching my full potential. With each session I gained a deeper understanding of myself- what drives me, what’s important to me – which allowed me to set meaningful and relevant goals. What I liked about Pauls unique ability to inspire self-confidence and identify limiting beliefs that were holding me back. As a result, I’ve achieved more in 12 months than I had in the last 5 years. The experience as a whole was liberating and I would recommend coaching to anyone who’s ready to make a change!

  • Dr Jo Turner

    MBBS MRCPsych CBT Dip/Consultant Psychiatrist

    Paul is an innovator and a leader in the field of mental health Vocational Rehabilitation. I worked with him in a Community Mental Health Team for several years and his enthusiastic, can-do attitude gets incredible results. Return to some form of employment is, in my view, just as important, if not more important, than any medication or therapy I can provide as a psychiatrist.

  • Mrs Susan Hasler

    Winter ILM Exec.Coach, MBA, M.Inst.GA, AMHP, BA Hons. Psych, CQSW

    I have known Paul Dorrington since around 2010, in my capacity as Mental Health Commissioning Manager for an Inner London Local Government Authority when Paul was the Lead Mental Health Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist at the London NHS Mental Health Trust with whom the Authority had a contract. Paul displayed a professional and empathetic approach to clients, and demonstrated remarkable success helping people with severe and enduring mental health issues back to work, either by helping them by gaining new jobs after long periods of employment and mental illness or by helping them retain the jobs they had by providing job retention support working with corporate, private and public service organisations all over London. Paul displayed well developed interpersonal and networking skills, and consistently promoted mutual understanding and interagency communication. Paul’s leadership qualities supported effective partnership working and proved to be a key success factor in the delivery of the employment service. More recently, my knowledge of Paul’s professional work has been in his capacity as a Coach, as we are both members of a coaching network. Paul has a positive disposition and is generous in sharing his professional knowledge, skills and experience. He is keen to enable others to gain insight and to develop themselves, and his long-standing experience with severe and enduring mental health clients, adds value to his coaching practice. Paul has a good understanding of the importance of maintaining professional boundaries, is reliable and a pleasure to work with.

  • Dr Joanna Whitson

    BSc (Hons), MSc, MBChB, MRCPsyc

    I thoroughly recommend Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist Paul Dorrington, having worked with him in the NHS community mental health teams. He was instrumental in getting so many of my patients back in to employment in a suitable vocation and this was a key factor in improving their mental health and keeping them stable. So many of my patients said the role of the employment specialist is what helped them the most to recover and stay stable. I could not recommend him highly enough and I will continue to refer suitable clients to his care.

  • Mark Standing

    Senior Social Worker/Approved Mental Health Professional and University Teaching Consultant

    I have known Paul Dorrington for a number of years now since he started working in a Community Mental Health Team as an Employment Specialist. Paul brings a truly client centred approach to his work and he employs a strengths based model. For example, I learnt from Paul that a service user did not have to be deemed mentally stable by clinicians, before they could start to actively consider their employment opportunities. My experience of Paul, as a colleague, is that he is very knowledgeable and dedicated professional who brings a real energy and dedication to the workplace. Paul is able to develop very effective working relationships with a wide range of key stakeholders including employers. Paul has an excellent and sustained track record with regards to supporting people, who have severe and enduring mental health needs, to secure meaningful employment. Indeed, many of the people that Paul has supported had not been employed for a number of years. It is these outcomes that have been crucial with regards to people securing a successful recovery. It is of no surprise to me that Paul is now employed as the Lead Employment Specialist for the local Mental Health Trust as he has always displayed clear leadership qualities.