• Annah Chowdhury

    Paul was an invaluable resource for me. My original goal was to get myself back into the job market after a long career break. The thought of job hunting.

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  • Deborah Stevenson

    Paul has been a very supportive coach; in our sessions we have covered a range of goals from highly practical to more emotional and he has maintained a good.

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  • Judy Garcia

    Paul has been a wonderful, empathetic and gentle coach. He has encouraged me to realise what goals and values really are, which have turned out to be very different.

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  • Tom Walters

    Working with Paul and his coaching has helped me improve my quality of life across the board. As someone who is dedicated to success across many areas before my.

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  • Confidential

    Paul’s coaching approach helped me gain an insight to how to achieve both specific goals and an understanding of my values, and how this may impact my goals over.

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  • Charmaine Shaw

    I started coaching sessions with Paul because I wanted more from life; I felt stuck in a rut and knew I wasn’t reaching my full potential. With each session.

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