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Specialist Mental Health Job Retention For Employees and Employers

It can be tough for both employees and employers when someone suffers from mental health problems that affect someone’s ability to carry out their duties and sustain meaningful employment. I have managed and worked on hundreds of job retention cases in adult psychiatric services since 2002′.
‘I have learned and demonstrated that traditional views in medical services where, ‘cure’, or being ‘work ready’ before job retention support can begin do not work well and has led to many people with mental health issues being managed by capability and performance management processes.  This all so often ends in a win-lose scenario leading to drawn out legal battles and employment tribunals. . Actually, when employers then lose valued employees and do not have the skills and resources to help manage their employees mental health issues within the workplace, it more often ends in lose- lose scenarios(Paul Dorrington PTS Founder).

At PTS we recognise from the knowledge and experience gained over many years of working with employees and employers, win-win scenarios are best created when we help the employee manage their mental health, wellbeing and job together. Combining this with working in collaboration with clinical staff and recovery based interventions, we enable Managers, Human Resources, Occupational Health and Small Business professionals support their employees with compassion and pride.


We help people become exerts in their own self-management of their mental health, while implementing this learning into their working life. Using surviving and thriving vocational rehabilitation toolkits we help all parties develop the strategies they need to make this possible.


I have helped Cleaners, CEO’s, Doctors, Actors, Administrators, Office Managers, Construction Workers, Professors, Veterinarians, Nurses, Consultants, Artists, Graphic Designers, Police Officers, Teachers, IT professionals and many more professionals and working people gain control of their lives and sustain and retain their employment. I realised that supporting employees in isolation from their employer has only limited success(Paul Dorrington PTS Founder)


At PTS we know working in conjunction with and empowering employers to take control of their business and look at ways to integrate their employees support and recovery plans into action has amazing results. While educating employers to have day to day strategies and tools to support their employees, we time and time again demonstrate that win-win outcomes for both employer and employee are achievable.

By focusing on the needs of both the employer and employee, we help businesses of all sizes retain valuable staff and reduce the costs associated with sick leave, conflict and legal battles that cost UK industries billions every year.


On a human level, supporting valued work colleagues through often traumatic and debilitating symptoms associated with mental health conditions, can be enormously rewarding and often create a sense of commitment and loyalty that further impacts on the business as a whole, which can lead to valued employees feeling supported and protected, increasing their productivity, creativity and performance.

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