• Leaders in Well being event – Sponsored by HSBC

    Extremely honoured and grateful to be a keynote speaker today at the Leaders in Wellbeing – Re-imagined 2020 summit today? a chance to offer a little hope✋, a few tricks in my work and well-being tookit and a glimpse of my own story to contribute to breaking the stigma associated with mental ill health #mentalhealthawareness #stigma #mentalhealthmatters Beverley Le Cuirot

    Countdown to Global Leaders in WellBeing Week and the Leaders in WellBeing – Re-imagined 2020 Summit NEXT WEEK! Over 30 speakers/experts, across the 5 days, all sharing their valuable insights. Plus LOTS of additional resources: Daily Stretch sessions with Magda of Future Health Daily Mindful Moments with Dan of Awareful Daily Tap-Alongs for Worry, Stress, Frustration, Fear and Uncertainty with Yolanda of Tap It Better; and Daily Emotional Stress Release with Claire of Shalbeck Life Centre Plus, plus: · Royston Guest’s book RISE: Start Living the Life You Were Meant to Lead · A Work Health and Wellbeing Toolkit: Surviving and Thriving at Work · Stress 101: The Science of Stress and Its Impact on Your Health · A Financial Wellbeing Guide · Access to the back copies and new online WellBeing World magazine · Your own NHS approved Thrive WellBeing World mental health app … and more. AND watch when YOU want! Content to be streamed from 10am Monday to Friday, for delegates to watch at their leisure, that day, the next day, and until the end of 2020. I do hope you will be able to join us. #wellbeing #leaderswellbeing #awards

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