• These Phoenix Transformational Services toolkits not for resale.

    They are for individual use only (employee and related Line manager. They are not to be used or adapted for use with other businesses and plagiarising them is unauthorised by authors and copyright holders.

    They are no replacement for evidence-based therapy, psychiatric or psychological therapy, and I would recommend that you access professional support and help if you are experiencing mental or physical ill health, as these interventions can be integrated into your recovery and toolkit, as well as anyspiritual or deeply personal ways you have decided to manage and overcome challenges you may have with mental ill health.

    If you do create a plan with your manager then it suggests that disclosure should be confidential between the two of you and should not appear in your staff record. If in doubt or in fear of discrimination please consult legal counsel and consult your doctor for advice or guidance, or to hire a Phoenix Transformational Services Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist for advice, guidance or support,
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