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About PTS

Phoenix Transformational Services (PTS) is a professional life coaching and specialist mental health recovery and vocational rehabilitation company founded by Paul Dorrington.

Its main role to individuals is to provide a humanistic and person centered approach to help people design, build or rebuild their lives, while helping them to work towards achieving their goals and aspirations in line with their core values and what’s important to them.

As well as providing Professional Personal Performance Coaching (Life Coaching) to the general population, PTS also provides Mental Health Recovery Coaching and Specialist Vocational Rehabilitation and Job retention services to people who experience mental health conditions.

These interventions help unemployed people identify vocational goals and achieve their aspirations or help people who become unwell while in employment or business to hold onto their jobs or businesses by working with them and relevant healthcare providers to recover, develop strategies and tools to enable them to survive and thrive in their careers or businesses.

This often involves working with businesses and employers to empower them to support and help employee’s recovery by developing vocational rehabilitation plans.  This helps managers and internal support structures become confident in supporting people to successfully sustain and retain work, by developing surviving and thriving plans and toolkits tailored to the needs of both employee and employer.

At PTS we believe including and supporting managers and leaders in this process greatly increases success in helping employees survive and thrive in work, often transforming the way people manage and empower employees to  self-manage and use support structures with transparency, compassion and authenticity.

‘My mission is to provide professional, ethical and transformational Personal Performance, Corporate and Executive coaching services around the world while I also continue to focus on my lifelong passion to help people with mental health problems build and rebuild meaningful lives’. 

‘My vision is a world where people who experience mental health problems systematically rebuild their lives in mainstream society, employment and business, allowing what most people take for granted from a meaningful vocation – a home, relationships, money, friendships, structure, a sense of purpose and identity beyond a mental health problem, while giving people a chance to redefine their path and develop with proven and powerful strategies in conjunction with clinical treatment where relevant’. 

‘Throughout my career I have helped hundreds of clients with mental health problems, proving time and time again that recovery and a meaningful life is a reality. Since 1993 I have been using and implementing therapeutic, coaching and recovery based interventions.  I have taken the best from different approaches and created the REBUILD model that provides the building blocks of recovery and the opportunity for people with mental health problems to achieve their desired life and vocational aspirations’.

(Founder of Phoenix Transformational Services)

The REBUILD model takes people on a journey of self-discovery, recovery and self-management by helping people to take back control of their mental health and wellbeing in conjunction with clinical care where appropriate in order to build solid foundations.

From here we move into the personal development and personal performance coaching arena with an aim to help people create meaningful and value aligned lives by helping people to set and achieve their goals in life and work.

When helping people to achieve their vocational aspirations, we bring in the Individual Placement and Support Model of Evidence based Vocational Rehabilitation, which when combined with recovery based coaching provides extremely powerful and effective support structures, strategies and methodology.

Additionally our vision and mission at PTS is to continue to apply this knowledge and experience to corporate companies, public services, employers, large and small businesses alike, by providing large scale transformations helping people at all levels to develop a healthy workforce by providing;

  • Corporate and Team Transformational workshops
  • Individual Employee Transformation plans
  • Leadership Coaching and Mentoring through Conflict and Change
  • Organisational Consultancy, Support, Mentoring and Coaching to Incorporate bespoke Mental Health Recovery and Vocational Rehabilitation Strategies and Systems

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